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Traveling through India: Exploring India through its Regional Cuisine

It has been over twenty years since I first came to the United States as a young adult to study architecture. Ever since, Baltimore has become home; the place where I met Amit, now my husband, raised our two children and transitioned from architecture to food.

I love everything about food; the aromas, the colors, the stories around it, the holidays, the gatherings!

For over a decade, I have been cooking professionally. While doing so, I started to understand and appreciate food as art form. This form of expression, as it is nutured and influenced by the climate and geography of its land along with the culture, traditions, history, religious beliefs and socio-economic structure of the people, develops into a cuisine. This cuisine then goes on to become the identity of the people and the very land from which it has emerged.

Regional Cuisines of India: 
India, a country that is comprised of multiple regions, each with their unique identities offers great opportunity for the study of its diveristy.  And what better medium to explore this than food. I have undertaken the task to study the cuisines of the different regions and share this at the Verandah. I am extremely blessed and grateful for our team, comprising primarily of members unfamiliar to the nuiances of Indian cuisine, for trusting my vision for The Verandah Kitchen as we navigate through new changing menus.

I invite you to join us on this exploration as we virtually travel through India in search of its cuisines.

Radhika Sule
Chef + Owner
The Verandah Kitchen

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