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A few years ago, a dream project of mine came into fruition under the name The Great Indian Jamboree. It had all my favorite elements: food, architecture, history and traveling through India; all bundled into one wholesome package. However, within the current pandemic, while travel plans are on hold, the travel itch continued.

One fine day, while I was wondering off in a dreamland, where like most of my dreams, food was at the center, the air filled with aromas of ghee and cardamom, and I was thinking of all the good books I’ve read about food that involved grandma’s kitchen, pantries, family recipes, secret twists in the recipe & so on, I suddenly jumped out of the dream and thought, “Why not I create this for myself, in my own kitchen? And while I do this, I want to study the regional cuisines of India." This was my opportunity to go on a virtual tour of India and take my family and patrons on this food trip with me! And when travel becomes easy, follow this food trail to witness it in person! So there I was, excited about my little plan.

It only seemed appropriate to start at the very top of the country. Also, we were steadily entering the cooler months and I couldn't think of a better region other than the beautiful valley of Kashmir, to start this journey from.

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