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March 3rd-25th, 2023

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The Verandah Kitchen
Located in the quirky neighborhood of Hampden, a vividly colored row house on The Avenue has been the home for The Verandah Kitchen since 2011.  When we first opened, we were a quaint lunch cafe, offering Indian street food. The decor matched the casual dining experience we intended to offer. 
Our recently remodeled space, designed to compliment our new menu concept, displays a decadent color scheme, lush cushions, and hand-crafted furniture.  It makes it a compelling setting for an elegant yet relaxed evening on The Avenue. 


Indian Small Plates, Tapas Style

Over the years, the menu and concept at the Verandah has evolved. The present iteration of The Verandah menu is designed as Indian Small Plates. An average Indian meal consists of an assortment of dishes. We have carried this concept and created a fun menu to offer our guests a plethora of dishes and flavors. 





Traveling through India: Exploring India through its Cuisine

It has been over twenty years since I first came to the United States as a young adult to study architecture. Ever since, Baltimore has become home; the place where I met Amit, now my husband, raised my children and transitioned from architecture to food. For the past ten years, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself cooking and learning about the business of food.

I love everything about food; the aromas, the colors, the stories around it, the holidays, the gatherings! I have especially learnt to appreciate the art of Indian cuisine. Being physically far away from India, I have a wider perspective about the country. This has piqued my curiosity to delve deeper.

India is a fascinating country with the wide range of variety found in its culture, attire, rituals, landscape, climate and cuisines. I have undertaken the task to study the cuisines of the different regions and share this at the Verandah.

Do join me on this exploration as I virtually travel through India in search of its cuisines.

Radhika Sule

The Verandah Kitchen

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